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BLSM was started in 1999 as an expression of the original charter for our spiritual community. It’s purpose is to contribute importantly to the accomplishment of the purposes of sharing the Dharma by training and ordaining individuals who feel a deep calling to serve others and train them as experts in the magical ministry of mindfulness. Those practitioners who want to go deeper in their training and offer evangelical service as clergy may apply to our seminary program. To become an ordained Buddhist minister, one goes through our unique curriculum that addresses the needs of modern persons living in the 21st century by bringing together scientific knowledge with spiritual insight. Our core curriculum includes the following study areas:

  • Sacred literature

  • Theology / philosophy

  • Ritual / liturgy

  • Religious history

  • Comparative religions

  • Religious education

  • Institutional organization and administration

  • Pastoral care and counseling

  • Spiritual formation


The teacher-in-training will learn to deliver all ministerial services and upon completion of studies will be officially ordained in the Order of the Dragonfly, be certified in the Four Directions System of Mindfulness and receive a Master of Arts in Buddhist Ministry (M.A.) degree. For current tuition and costs please send in the seminary application.


“The time and place that the blue lotus flowers open and spread are in the midst of fire and the time of fire.”



If you believe you are so called to serve others, please apply below.

Admission Requirements: Emphasis for admission is placed on a candidate’s character, emotional maturity and commitment to service.

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Current / accepted seminary students may submit their tuition payment below.

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"Sensei Anthony Stultz is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Tony always made time to answer and clarify any questions I had about assigned readings. In addition to learning about the history of Buddhism, Buddhist psychology, pastoral care and counseling, each student receives private guidance and joins in annual retreats. I highly recommend the Buddhist Ministry Program."

The Rev. Claudia Merwin

"I highly recommend anyone interested in pursuing a degree in Buddhist ministry to study with Sensei Stultz. It is a life changing process and you become part of a wonderful and supportive community."

The Rev. David Cortes

"Do you wonder how to find meaning, connection and purpose in your life? And do you ever wonder about your place in the Universe? Sensei Tony and the Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness Arts addresses these questions and others. If you want to become a Buddhist chaplain or pastor, this is best I have found.”

The Rev. Dr. John Gedid

"As an inquisitive Buddhist practitioner born and bred in the Western Hemisphere, finding Tony was a revelation. Because he interprets and teaches the dharma through the Navayana lens of the 21st century, I was encouraged to relate to the teachings as if for the first time with a contemporary understanding of science, pop culture, psychology, mythology, and history. On a daily basis, Tony's refreshing and dynamic instruction challenges me to examine what it means and why it matters that I identify as a Buddhist and a Bodhisattva.”

The Rev. Meg Doyle

The Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness (BLSM) is a religious degree granting institution. In the United States, accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. As a religious degree granting institution, we are not required by the U.S. Dept. of Education to have regional accreditation. Graduates of our program receive a Master of Arts in Buddhist Ministry (M.A.) degree.


While our students have been accepted into programs like Clinical Pastoral Education, decisions concerning the acceptance of credits by any institution are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. BLSM makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of any credits to any institution.


The Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness strives to maintain the highest educational standards, incorporating the latest methods of instructional technology.

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