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Dive into the Dragonfly lifestyle and get your cool accoutrements.  Let the flag of your personal path fly proudly!


The Three Principles of Oneness

Awaken to an evidence-based scientific and spiritual path through practical techniques and processes introduced by an ordained Buddhist minister and internationally recognized mindfulness expert.

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Free Your Mind

"Every field has people who set off on their own and create something better. Tony is one of these." Chris Queen PhD - Harvard University



This book serves as a primer for those who wish to make the Buddhist community their spiritual home. Originally created for the Dragonfly Sangha, this tome can serve as guide for all practitioners of mindfulness.

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The Book of Common Meditation

The Book of Common Meditation is a special collection of rites and practices for the Dragonfly Sangha, a community of Oneness in the legacy of the Buddha. It can be utilized as a daily devotional for spiritual edification.

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Free Your Mind Study Guide

This study guide is a companion to the award winning book, Free Your Mind: The Four Directions System of Mindfulness, by Anthony Stultz. It will help to clarify and confirm the concepts and practices of the 4D system.

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The Invisible Sun

A gem of a book on mindful parenting and helps children to easily understand basic Buddhist teachings.


Liturgy of the Day

Join Sensei Tony as he demonstrates a beautiful and dynamic Buddhist Liturgical Meditation. Participate from the comfort of your home and this will quickly become a regular part of your meditative practice.

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The Art of Tai Sabaki

Join Sensei Tony as he offers a clear and gentle guide through the beautiful and powerful art of Moving Meditation called Tai Sabaki. Tai Sabaki is a wonderful way to experience relief from daily stress as well as the physical tension that our bodies store. 

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Dragonfly Lifestyle Store

Want to show your support for the Dragonfly lifestyle?  Click the link below for a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, notebooks and other swag.

Click below to visit DharmaCrafts and choose from a selection of buckwheat zafu pillows, zabutons, and support cushions in a variety or colors and fabrics, including organic cotton. Complete your meditation space with our Buddhist statues, shoji screens, tatami, altar tables, incense, inspirational jewelry, books & CD's, meditation cushions for children, and more.

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