Founded in 1996, The Dragonfly Sangha is a contemporary community of Oneness in the legacy of the Buddha. We believe that sentient beings can awaken into the interdependence of all life and emerge from a separate, limiting, self-consciousness into a more connected, expansive, universal consciousness. Our mission is to help folks awaken to the way of mindful living, supporting each other in carrying out the compassionate vow to help liberate the minds of all sentient beings so that they can become healthier, more understanding and free to fulfill their creative potential and purpose.


For many people, the most obvious feature of the Dragonfly Sangha is that we are a unique and dynamic approach to an engaged contemporary Buddhist community. Those who know us can also see clearly our passionate desire to live the way of the Buddha and to practice the Dharma authentically and intensely.


The primary service of the Dragonfly Sangha is to educate and facilitate individual practitioners and communities in the Dharma, the way of Mindful Living. We provide liberating guidance to all who are seeking a true sense of freedom, joy and adventure in life, as well as those in great suffering and distress.


Sangha Members will have access to weekly talks by Sensei Tony on the modern Buddhist lifestyle and special sermons on the Buddhist liturgical seasons. Click HERE to join today.


Everyone is welcome to join our Sangha and become a part of the Dragonfly lifestyle. We are devoted to the spiritual education of our members and the support of our leadership. Click HERE to get our special Dragonfly Precepts book.


John "Taitan" Stultz

Kae "Yudo-to" Shaw

Christine "Yito" Louder


Chris Queen

Bernie Glassman

Alfred Bloom

Daniel Cozort


The Rev.

Bart Young

The Rev.

Andy Hoover

The Rev.

Julie Good-Krueger

The Rev.

Claudia Merwin

The Rev.

Michelle Fox Cooper

The Rev. Dr.

John Gedid

The Rev.

Kendall Bunce

The Rev. Dr.

Virginia Cohn Parkum

The Rev.

David Cortes

The Rev.

Jim Smith

The Rev.

Evan Stultz

The Rev.

Frank Tunis

The Rev.

Bill Raab

The Rev.

Matt Sinkovitz

The Rev.

Brad Fuhrman


House of Meditation  |  Harrisburg, PA

The Rev. David Doyle

The Rev. Geoff Dunaway

House of Meditation  |  Lancaster, PA

The Rev. Dr. Chris Peterson

House of Meditation  |  Henderson, NV

The Rev. Dr. Patrick Chapin

Carlisle, PA

The Rev. Brooke Wiley

Bridgeport, CT

The Rev. Meg Burdett

Miami, FL

The Rev. Dr. Trae Williamson


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