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What is an Order of the Dragonfly Buddhist Minister?

Our ordained ministers are persons who share a trained expertise in teaching the magic of mindfulness and helping others to become more self-aware as well as to develop a greater compassion for themselves and the world.  Those practitioners who want to start an exciting career as professional teachers of mindfulness may apply for our training program.  Graduates are ordained to serve as ministers and certified to teach the Four Directions System of Mindfulness and provide professional coaching and pastoral direction and counsel.


We have been offering our enriching educational program for the last 20 years. Classes are taught to students via the web, and each course is taught by one of our highly trained instructors, assuring a deep and lifelong learning experience. These are complemented by special annual retreats.

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Seminarian study combines two years of a comprehensive curriculum combining both academic learning and practicum, with a third year of ministerial supervision.

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Those trained to be mindfulness ministers of The Dragonfly Sangha and teachers in the Four Directions System of Mindfulness™ become part of a unique order of individuals trained to deal with all manner of human problems. They are a special group of people who vow to ease suffering and provide spiritual direction, counsel and support to those in need. They contribute to making this world a more enlightened place for everyone.


If you believe you are called to serve others, please fill out an application and we will reach out to schedule a private interview.  An interview session costs $150 which, if admitted, will be deducted from your tuition.

Thanks for submitting your application! Someone will contact you shortly.

The Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness (BLSM) is a religious degree granting institution. In the United States, accreditation of universities and seminaries is a voluntary process with accreditation granted by private, non-governmental agencies. As a religious degree granting institution, we are not required by the U.S. Dept. of Education to have regional accreditation. Graduates of our program receive a Master of Buddhist Ministry degree.


While our students have been accepted into programs like Clinical Pastoral Education, decisions concerning the acceptance of credits by any institution are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. BLSM makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of any credits to any institution.


The Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness strives to maintain the highest educational standards, incorporating the latest methods of instructional technology.

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