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Zen and the Art of Leadership | Executive Coaching

Dragonfly Mindful Solutions, LLC offers corporate mindfulness training and coaching which guides employers in mindful leadership and encourages employees to feel valued, engaged in their work, and optimize their performance. His mindfulness training promotes engagement and reduces stress for your staff. The benefits of the workplace are not limited to increased productivity and focus but also enhance personal lives allowing people to be happier and less stressed. With a perspective that comes from growing up in an entrepreneurial lifestyle, operating successful For Profit and Non-Profit corporations and being a recognized expert in mindfulness, Dr. Stultz offers a unique insight into the application of this wisdom to the contemporary corporate culture. 

The following areas are the exciting ways in which areas we apply our unique system:

  • Mindful Leadership

  • Mindful Executive Coaching

  • Mindful Stress Resilience

  • Mindful Work / Life Balance 

  • Mindful Communication

  • Mindfulness Based Organizational Development and Culture

  • Mindful Sales Processes

  • Mindful Culture

  • Mindful Customer Service

  • Performance Coaching and Development for Employees – webinar-based Mindfulness training

  • Mindfulness Based Employee Assistance Programs and HR Strategies

All programs begin with a systems analysis consultation. All programs can be delivered on-site or by webinar.

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